Alicia's Family

Alicia Romano
Age: 13
DOB: December 6th
Alicia is a not-so-well mannered girl who is in her school's drama club with her crush, Collin the skunk. She is extremely obsessed with him; she tries to mask this so she appears normal, but oddly, only a few of her peers have actually caught on to her crush. To Alicia's dismay, Collin is not one of them. Alicia is sometimes a burden upon others, but she seems to be oblivious of this in her own little way.

Crystal Romano
Age: 43
DOB: February 17
Crystal is a somewhat workaholic mother who has a stress level that is above average. She, nonetheless, cares for her family, which is sometimes the cause of her stress.

Ricardo Romano
Age: 49
DOB: March 5
Unlike Crystal, Ricardo is the calm and collected stay-at-home father. He works at home making spreadsheets for his job. He loves his family deeply.

Vince Romano
Age: 23
DOB: October 15
Vince is the only family member not living in the apartment complex, for he attends a farther away college, where he plans to become an artist. He doesn't express much emotion. He loves spoiling his younger sister Alicia, as does younger brother Shannon.

Shannon Noah Romano
Age: 17
DOB: November 24
Shannon is a cheery boy in his junior year in highschool. Like Vince, he enjoys spoiling(and occasionally embarrassing) his younger sister Alicia. Shannon is the sociable middle child.

The other characters you see are from the webcomic Acting Out.